Apple may unveil new iPhone 11 at 10 September 2019

Apple may unveil new iPhone 11 at upcoming event

Apple’s iPhone 11 (Expected)
Apple’s iPhone 11 (Expected)
                                                                                                                             Picture: BGR

Apple is predicted to reveal new iPhones throughout a media event on 10 September at its Golden State headquarters.

Three new high-end devices ar rumoured to be launched, CNN reported . Among the expected phones are the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 and a less expensive model beginning around $450.

The iPhone has been Apple’s biggest moneymaker. However, revenue from iPhones remittent by double digits within the  last quarter.

With its competitors taking risks and introducing innovative choices, the corporate has been questioned over its lack of innovation. Samsung’s latest introduction of its foldaway smartphones and 5G devices has given it a footing over Apple.

However, Apple is attempting to return back within the game. The new phones might feature 3 cameras on the rear, together with one that may capture ultra-wide angle shots with computing that enhances photograph and video.

The updated options might embody improved Face ID and FaceTime, a quicker processor, dark mode to avoid wasting on battery life, a feature to silence unknown callers, a tool that permits you to swipe to sort instead of lifting your fingers to faucet the keys and removal of 3D bit.

The talk regarding in-screen bit ID detector won't be introduced this year, per reports. Apple is additionally expected to carry off launching a 5G device this year.

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